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Introducing the Shirt-for-Book Campaign

This is an open invitation to everybody to participate in the Shirt-For-Book campaign. Being a participant involves the purchase of T-shirts to facilitate the freighting of library books to remote schools in Papua New Guinea.

Hope Trek is a revolutionary concept that is aimed at changing the mindset of Papua New Guineans to see themselves more as catalysts of change for progress through participation rather than being mere spectators. As a demonstrative awareness exercise, members of Hope Trek will take on the Kokoda Track on 23 May 2010 to deliver library books to remote locations within PNG.

This exercise can be seen as a multifaceted approach in bringing to light the following agenda:

  1. Books and Reading – books, as the primary focus of this initiative, is a fundamental cornerstone in education and literacy. This venture aims to challenge young children (and adults alike) to take up a book to read, thus helping to broaden their horizon, not only in the subjects taught in school but about the wider universe at large so that they can grow up to be better, more responsible citizens.
  2. Environment and Conservation Awareness – we need to be reminded about the importance of the natural environment. Scheduled to coincide with the World Environment Day (5 June 2010), this point will be highlighted in line with this year’s WED theme of ‘Protecting our Biodiversity’. Highlighted also will be The Managalas (Ijivitari district, Oro) people’s bid to get their area to attain Conservation Area status in August of 2010.
  3. Climate Change Awareness – a hot topic facing the global community at large, PNG is already in the forefront of this crisis, with it having the first “refugees of climate change” in the world (Carteret Islands) [1].  It is therefore imperative that our people are armed with this knowledge, as this agenda requires affirmative action from one and all.
  4. Eco-friendly Income Generating Ventures – in line with the previous points, this venture will be used to reemphasize the fact that there is commercial viability in the sustainable management and use of our rich natural resources and forests without the need to delve into more destructive land use practises. Trekking is one such eco-friendly tourist attraction that should be looked into for income generation. This will also encourage the protection and preservation of our rich cultural and traditional heritage.
  5. Responsibility and Self-reliance – as a demonstrative exercise, it is envisaged that this initiative will challenge people to be more proactive in their wish to see development within their area. We as individual members of the community can participate meaningfully in the development process of our province and the nation as a whole instead of wasting our time and resources chasing after claims and free hand-outs from the government, politicians and leaders. It is high time we eradicate the Cargo-Cult mentality from our mindset and set out to be more self-reliant and innovative in our thinking to see true progress.
  6. Youth Mobilization – the participation of youths from Morata and Waigani in this exercise will no doubt be an eye-opening experience for them. By participating in a worthwhile cause, it will enable them to see themselves as more responsible citizens who can contribute meaningfully to society instead of just conforming to the image of bums and no-goods.

As a pilot run, a total of more than 2000 books have already been secured with the kind help of Hope Worldwide (PNG); with more on their way from the Rotary Club of the township of Emerald in Queensland, Australia. These books will be airlifted up to Mt Hagen in Western Highlands Province.

The initial target schools are Bukapena Primary School in the Mul District of Western Highlands Province and Saluk Community School of remote Lembena, located in the border area of Enga Province (Kompiam District) and East Sepik Province (Angoram District). Bukapena, in a first of its kind, has erected a school library through local initiative and is in need of books to fill up its shelves, while Saluk, in its remoteness has only grades 1 – 4 and is in dire need of learning resources and books.

In standing by its bid to promote self-reliance and responsibility, the Shirt-for-Book campaign seeks not your donation but instead encourages your participation through the purchase of printed T-shirts in order to freight these books to their intended destination.

A key benefit for corporate entities and organisations in participating in this campaign is the inclusion of a branding package. This will see your company or organisation getting its fair publicity through logo placement.

The print designs are pasted below for your perusal.

Download an order form if you want to purchase one.Shirt-For-Book T-Shirt Order Form

[1] Source: IRIN through Reuters (08 Jun 2008 14:31:24 GMT)

  1. March 24, 2010 at 07:47

    Great course!

  2. Nichson
    May 4, 2010 at 06:50

    Thanks… I just want us to do something positive about our situation instead of reading sh*t headlines in the paper and complain about it. We can talk and talk till the cows come home. Its time to act now.

  1. May 4, 2010 at 06:02

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