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So far so good

The cause is picking up momentum with the assistance of all you good folks out there continuing to spread the word. As a participatory awareness exercise, it takes the collective effort of one and all to drive it forward.

With the help of mass media, we can take it another step further. Already with help from Pearson and Caroline of Radio Australia-PNG Broadcast, I have just been given the opportunity for my first radio interview to further this cause. Details on this interview will be posted on this site soon.

We may have more interviews down the road, with the possibility of a segment on EMTV’s ‘In Moresby Tonight’ in the horizon as well as Radio Australia’s ‘In The Loop’.

Personally, its uncharted territory for me in embarking on something of this magnitude. But I am pushing on with blind faith, with the confidence of your backing every step of the way and the driving force to see these books reach those kids out there.

Which brings me back to the shirts. Yes we need to get rid of these first batch out and fast.

Either download the order form or cut to the chase and drop me a line on (675)7168 1837 or on (675)323 6344. You can also email me at hopetrek(at)gmail.com or npiakal(at)pwmpng.org.pg

We can make a difference to see change and progress for the better if we can work together in these trying times.

“Yes we can!”, B.O

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