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Excerpts from a Journal #1: In a Mouthful

I’m supposed to be writing this on the 12th but I think it’s on the 13th as I scramble through the keyboard. I’m all jittery inside and pensive as to whether this venture will pan out all right. I guess it’s appropriate for the ocassion, when the 13th is supposed to be filled with bad omens and all that mumbo jumbo.

That leaves me with roughly a month before this trekking venture is supposed to kick off. That’s right. The 14th of May 2010 is supposed to fall on a Friday and is appropriately marked TGIF with BIG BOLD RED writing on my calendar. I am truly threading on shaky grounds right now, yet I’m placing blind faith in the hope of actually pulling it off.

In my ideal world of plans and schedules, the 14th of May is supposed to be our last Friday that we spend with our friends and families before we set out for our Trek on MAY MONDAY. The D-Day of Hope Trek. Of course, you don’t seriously expect me to miss my footy so I’ll stay for my last Friday night footy and Sunday either at PRL or in front of the idiot box. (Speaking of footy, it reminds me; I have to send in the shots of those “That’s Gold” pose from those Jungle Warriors of Saluk to Fatty and the boys from the  Footy Show).

So I was saying we’re leaving on Monday the 17th of May. This will give us enough time for us to trek the Kokoda, go round the bend from Popondetta with its beautiful Queen Alexandria Birdwing Butterfly, to Rainy Lae. From whence forth ( “from whence forth” 🙂 ) the trekkers hop on one of my cousin’s bus and we hit the tulait-tulait bus train along the length of the Okuk Highway. I hear it is an experience so I want to see it for myself . Never mind the hiccups of switching buses along the way due to the unpredictable weather and road conditions.

This should see us arriving at our schools sometimes round about the time when we should be celebrating World Environment Day, 5th June 2010. Ah there’s the rub. It has to be on the 4th which falls on a Friday so I can meet the kids then.

That is the crux of this whole idea. I have to meet the kids then and talk to them. Screw the wannabe politicians and big men and all the red-ribbon, scissors and fat speeches. I want to reach out to the kids and tell them that the world is much too big for them to consume their lives with pettiness that we see enveloping our livelihoods. The world is their oyster. Heck, climb Mt Everest if they want to. Reach for the stars.

But it starts right there within the pages of books. To immerse themselves to learn about subjects beyond their immediate needs. Why not learn about the Renaissance or about the mysteries in the precision of mathematics that went into the construction of the great pyramids of ancient Egypt. Or jazz it up with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and what went down in OK Corral.

Probably I’m drifting into Hollywood and fantasy but you get the picture. It is all about broadening our horizon to take in the world and to see where we stand in the bigger picture. And to discover our true worth in society. In seeing our value and stature in God’s immensely beautiful and wondrous creation and appreciate the little things we have in life. It’s about opening our mind to see ourselves as a cut above the rest of the beings in the animal kindom, being bestowed with intelligence and hence, responsibilities. 

Thus the idea of us with the responsibility of being custodians of nature comes into the picture. Custodians of our cultural heritage in this dynamic age of internet technology, MTV and suave haircuts. The custodians of the 700+/- languages amidst the screams of rocksters, preachers and the verbal dribble of foul-mouthed rappers. The Custodians of respect for self, others and the environment. Simply being responsible, intelligent human beings helping to contribute positively into developing themselves  and the environment around them.

To be responsible citizens of the community is what should be driven home to the young children in early childhood, especially. Instil in them the thirst for knowledge and the desire to excel in their chosen field simply by respective themselves and those around them.

At least that is a dream I have.  Or is that too much of an idealist’s vision of a fantastic world?

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