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Excerpts from a Journal #2: In Anticipation of D-Day

As our D-day looms closer, I am all jittery and on the edge with anticipation and excitement on what is in store for us come Monday the 17th of May 2010. The boys who are trekking with me are set to go despite some shortfalls in our budget. But we are still holding on to faith and the determination to see this through whatever it takes.

As with any such venture one may embark on, challenges are a part of the equation. I like to believe they contribute in defining a project one embarks on, and eventually its outcome. It is definitely a test of one’s character too. In saying that, our major challenge now is funding. Despite our effort in raising funds, there have been some instances where people have ran off without paying for the T-shirts but I do not want to whine too much about it now. But our surprise morale booster of the week came from the 12 trekkers themselves who contributed out of their own pocket a massive K1250. And this from unemployed youths is quite moving. I have also had pledges to support this exercise and that is very encouraging indeed.

But would you consider skeptics and naysayers as part of the challenges? Perhaps. Or they can be seen as obstructive forces if we want to see it in light of the negative aura they come with. But they have to be appreciated if we want to stay positive and remain focused on our goals. They can be seen as tools who have been put in place by God to fan the flames of your passion to see your project through. In saying that, I have had my fare share of negative feedback with regard to this exercise but for now I will refrain from digressing into negativity.

Our awareness information poster

Back to our trekking and awareness run, in about three weeks we will be commemorating World Environment Day in one of the schools that we are heading to. After going over our itinerary, I was a bit taken aback by the number of schools we would cover in this exercise. Initially I said two schools would be benefiting from this book run. But in getting there, I have realized that we will cover roughly 15 schools across 5 provinces in our awareness run. This is exciting and I am pumped. So are the boys.

Speaking of World Environment Day, I have prepared a flyer and brochures to be distributed in those schools and in villages located along the Kokoda Track. They are in English for now but I will look into translating them into Tok Pisin if we do this again. For now I shall leave you with a sample.

A high res pdf version of this can be downloaded here.

NOTE: Another challenge we NOW face is to find a good working camera to take with us. It’s somewhat of a trivial matter but I would really love to share with others the beautiful scenery and perhaps some magic moments as well with people. Not only that but to document this exercise for those who have supported this initiative. I know its a bit late to mention this but I thought I should do so anyway. 🙂

Yes We Can!” BO

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  1. James Norris
    June 11, 2010 at 16:01

    Please let me know if there is interest in spreading this initiative to Buka and Bougainville schools. I am a 28 year old from Buka living in Canada, and have spent many years trying to spread awareness about PNG to contacts throughout the world. I would be happy to try and sell shirts, collect shirts, and help in the shipping of books to locations throughout PNG. Please feel free to contact me at xyz@ucalgary.ca, or xyz@gmail.com. Regards,

    James “Balanga” Norris

  2. Nichson
    June 28, 2010 at 09:40

    Hi James,
    I just got back (from the electronic void) last night. I now have the massive task of finalizing a report of this venture (financial report included :p) and to update the public through this blog as well as on Facebook and so forth.

    I have noted your interest and your email and am quite excited to work with you in this as well. I would like this exercise to cover the whole of PNG if possible. I will send you a proper email soon.

    Wanbel stap

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