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Back from the cold

The title of this post  intends to give the impression that I was away but such is not that case. Well, technically I was still around but work on this front had simmered down to an extent as I was caught up with my full time job (you will get a fair idea here and here). I hope this admission will serve also as an apology to you who have been following this venture, more so especially to those of you who subscribe to this blog and are members of our cause page.

Anyway, in the manner of updates, while I was (seemingly) ‘out in the cold’ much has been happening.

First up, I got word from the headmaster of our first school that they have included library studies in all their class schedules. This in itself is a step in the right direction and I was thrilled to receive that update.

I have also had a word with the headmaster from Kuorua Primary School when I went there last November. Kuoruo is located high up in the Managalas Plateau of Afore sub-district in the Oro Province. It takes about 4 to 5 hours by a rugged road to get there from Popondetta. I will be going there again in April of this year so I hope to further finalise arrangements on the possibility of engaging this school and others nearby to participate in the next Hope Trek run.

I am now working on finalising something more concrete and hope to announce it soon here. Stay tuned.

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