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Hope Worldwide (PNG) suffers a cruel blow

March 19, 2011 3 comments

If you have been following the Hope Trek story, you will know that Hope Worldwide (PNG) have been the major benefactor of Hope Trek with book supplies. In fact, Hope Trek would not have come this far without their assistance.

It is now with sadness that I have to report to you that our friends from Hope Worldwide (PNG) had their office at 3-Mile broken into by criminal elements on Sunday, 13 March 2011. To hear a story like this is heart breaking.

In addition to that, Hope Worldwide’s 9-Mile clinic staffs were attacked the previous week. Although unrelated, it leaves us wondering what cruel reward it is for all the help that Hope Worldwide provides to the needy in health and education.

This is truly outrageous. How can we continue to bite the hand that feeds us? I am praying that the culprits are apprehended and are punished accordingly – even better if castrated!

Before I go on and lose my cool, go read up on this story as reported by Malum Nalu of The National newspaper.

The gentleman from Hope Worldwide's warehouse who helped load up the Hope Trek books


Crocodile Prize: an initiative promoting PNG writers

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

PNG art


There has been a noteworthy development in the PNG Literature scene that I would like to make a mention of here and that is the Crocodile Prize. This BRILLIANT literary competition was initiated by PNG Attitude and the Post Courier to promote PNG writers and their work.

Named after the first published novel by a PNG writer (Sir V. Serei Eri), this competition is open to all Papua New Guinea citizens within the three categories of short story, poetry, and journalism. According to the organisers there has been a steady stream of entrants since its launch last September.

If you have time, I urge you to pay a visit to the contributors’ page at Keith Jackson’s PNG Attitude. The qualities of entries from our local writers are quite astounding and you will be impressed! Unlike works from overseas, the collective body of work from these Papua New Guinean writers will take you through the sights and sounds of places and settings that you are more familiar with.

One notable entrant in this competition is Jeffrey Febi. He’s been my friend since Uni but I had no idea he could write so eloquently in the way he does with his collection of short stories and poems. Russell Soaba of the Soaba’s Storyboard fame has a more in-depth take on this particular writer in his post, ‘Our Prolific Jeffrey Febi’.

But it does not stop there. We have a poet in Icarus with his political sketches that reflect the all too familiar stories we hear so often. Tanya Zeriga-Alone takes you through a stormy night to see the world through the eyes of an old man as he takes his last breath on his death bed. Meanwhile from across the Bismarck Sea, Carolus Ketsimur takes us back in time to paint us a picture of the day when the blackbirders came to the village. Then theres Bernard Sinai, David Kitchnoge, Eva Kuson, Lapieh Landu and more.

I could go on but you get the picture. I suggest you go there to get a full dose of what I am referring to.

For you aspiring writers do take a minute to go there and download the entry forms and start entering.

Write, write, write and read, read, read!

Patriots for Change

May 6, 2010 5 comments

PNG Blood 

Speaking of something good, I was fortunate enough to attend a talk given by the CEO and Managing Director of Helifix PNG, Mr Robert Agarobe at the Main Lecture Theatre in UPNG the other day which was organised by Patriots PNG, Inc.  

Until then, PPNG was only a group on Facebook and that was about it. But after attending this talk, I came home enlightened  and inspired. This was an organisation that stood for most, if not all of the ideals that I fervently believe in. In seeing what it means to be a citizen of this great nation by looking at it in the bigger picture and taking positive steps to bring about change at the individual level. It’s a pity not a lot of people – especially the university students given the calibre of such an institution – attended as I am pretty sure quite a few, if not all of us would do with the information shared that evening.  

PPNG is all about seeing ourselves as agents of change. Or as mentioned in their slogan “Change Starts With Me”. And that is something we fail to see in our day to day living. Many a times we talk about change but that is about as far as we go. We only talk about it. Or we post a comment here or there on some internet forums; at oft times hiding behind the facade of pen names and aliases. But we have to stop to remind ourselves that in order to see the change that we so crave, it has to start somewhere. Nowhere better than with ourselves; from deep within. To ask ourselves, “Can I do something, anything about the state of affairs that my country/province/town is in to turn things around?”  

(Oh yes. I can opt for a quick way out to the easy life and go live in Australia or America or wherever the fuck else where the pay is great and the streets are spot clean with bird droppings the only stain you see on the footpath. Where roads are linked like the wrinkles on the back of your granddaddy’s callused hand. (No offence to our folks living and working abroad. It’s a metaphorical approach in explaining complacency if you like:p))  

If change starts with me then I have to look at change starting with the very fundamental detail of the most trivial chores and then build up from there. So if we want to see a cleaner city, for example, change starts with me disposing off that used match stick into a rubbish bin. If I have just finished a cigarette, butt out and drop it into a rubbish bin instead of flicking it out the window. If it’s a chewing gum, drop the wrapper into the bin.  

Then it will get to a point where the act of absently throwing an empty container, plastic or paper by the way side will become a pain to your conscience. In fact, I promise you that the next time you see somebody littering, you will cringe and be compelled to advise that person to do the right thing. Hence, the seed of responsible living and change will start to take shape within you and emanate from you.  

This is just a small illustration of what you and I are capable of within our means to bring about change in our lives to overhaul ours and other Papua New Guinean’s  mindset to think proactively and to see progress for the better for our village, towns, province, the nation and the globe.  

Here I want to extend the invitation from Patriots PNG for their first Fundraising Dinner to you all to see if you can get a seat there. Do not miss the opportunity.Refer to the flyer below for details.  

Stay STRONG, folks. And never for once lose sight of the bigger picture.  

Click here to download the Fundraising Flyer

Click the image to download the Fundraising Flyer

 “Yes We Can!” BO 

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Hope Trek Bumper Stickers

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment


I like to believe we are on to something good here. Not only with the idea of delivering books but in having this exercise as an awareness exercise.

As earlier explained in one of my previous posts, this exercise is an awareness run in its entirety. And a demonstrative one at that too. Starting from the fundraising activities all the way to the actual trekking expedition and eventually to the schools that we are going to, it involves awareness in one form or another.

The T-shirts came out. We now have bumper stickers to go too. Please support this cause by purchasing one for only K5.00

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So far so good

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The cause is picking up momentum with the assistance of all you good folks out there continuing to spread the word. As a participatory awareness exercise, it takes the collective effort of one and all to drive it forward.

With the help of mass media, we can take it another step further. Already with help from Pearson and Caroline of Radio Australia-PNG Broadcast, I have just been given the opportunity for my first radio interview to further this cause. Details on this interview will be posted on this site soon.

We may have more interviews down the road, with the possibility of a segment on EMTV’s ‘In Moresby Tonight’ in the horizon as well as Radio Australia’s ‘In The Loop’.

Personally, its uncharted territory for me in embarking on something of this magnitude. But I am pushing on with blind faith, with the confidence of your backing every step of the way and the driving force to see these books reach those kids out there.

Which brings me back to the shirts. Yes we need to get rid of these first batch out and fast.

Either download the order form or cut to the chase and drop me a line on (675)7168 1837 or on (675)323 6344. You can also email me at hopetrek(at) or npiakal(at)

We can make a difference to see change and progress for the better if we can work together in these trying times.

“Yes we can!”, B.O

Coming Right Up

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

This blog is being updated and will be up within the next few days.
internet by dialup is indeed a pain.

But you can catch up on the Shirt-for-Book campaign. More information at either of these two blogs.


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