The Schools

A quick look at the two schools we are going to in this pilot run of Hope Trek.

Saluk Community School, Lembena, Enga/ESP

This school is Located in Saluk village in Lembena in the north-eastern tip of the Enga province along the Yuat River, a tributary of the mighty Sepik. It is isolated from the main government and mission stations. With the provinces of Enga and East Sepik’s political boundaries overlapping, these people are at most ignored and left to fend for themselves.

As a community school, it only has grades 1 to 4 to serve the entire Lembena area of the Wapi LLG (Biwat LLG from the Sepik side). Any intention for further education is sought elsewhere, outside of Lembena but this rarely happens given the isolated locale.

Furthermore, this village along with similar ones nearby are served by mini aid posts that are often in short supply of medical equipment and drugs for the most part of the year. The only form of support they receive are the occasional boxes of medicine they receive from the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea which, on most cases often run out before the year even ends. Then it is back to traditional treatments for the locals.

As such, I was hoping to secure some boxes of medical supplies from Hope Worldwide as well but I did not get that far. However, that is not the end of the matter. I will still seek alternative avenues.

To paint a clearer picture of this school and the area it serves, an excerpt of a report compiled for Lembena as part of my study of that area is attached here.

Saluk Community School

Bukapena Primary School, Mul, WHP

Bukapena Primary is located in Mul district within the Mul-Baiyer/Lumusa electorate along the north-western tip of Western Highlands Province. It sits right under the shadow of Mt Hagen (3800 m) with the expanse of the blue Hagen range looming in the background and stretching all the way back down to the Baiyer River Sanctuary.

This schools serves roughly 9 LLG wards and with expansion, has seen a new library being built there. However, according to the headmaster, they are yet to receive any books to fill up this library.

Furthermore, this is a first of its kind in the province and the country for a top-up school to have a school library. What makes it even more special is the fact that this library was constructed by the locals out of their own initiative.

As such, it would be appropriate that it is filled up with donated books through a communal effort.

I am in regular communication with the headmaster, Mr Roy Konia in seeing these books reach their library.

A local from Bukapena in traditional attire. Photo courtesy of Malum Nalu (

  1. Mona
    May 17, 2011 at 11:16


    I continue to be inspired!! Thank you for sharing =)

    Have a blessed week.

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